Nigra Lions from D’Es and Crazy Boy from Various Canine have become the proud parents on 6 December 2019 of 8 females and 3 males. Mom and puppies are doing very well and so is dad.

Name of the Litter is “ S 6”,  you can follow us on the rubric “news”.

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There still are some puppies for sale… Come visit us (without any obligation)

We’ve received a lot of good news from the puppies that already left us. Puppies and owners are all very happy and excited !

There are still some male and female puppies who are impatiently waiting for a new place to call home. Look at our pictures…

Who’s willing to make us happy? In return, we promise to give you unconditional love, friendship and loyalty.

You’re welcome to visit us and just maybe, one of us we’ll become your very best friend!