The 3th of January 2019, Princess Sissi Lions from D’Es and Clooney Crazy Boy from Various Canine

became the happy parents of 2 males and 4 females. Puppies and mom are doing well.



05 Jan

Litter S 1 Sissi and Clooney day 2

Here we are, the puppies of Princess Sissi and Crazy Boy with our very first photoshoot.

We have slept good our first night (outside the belly of our mom).Close to each other and warm between the soft skin of our mom.

We have a delicious life, the milkbar is open day and night and in the morning we are washed carefully by our mom until we are glowing.

Female Yellow : 09.00 : birth weight : 580 gr.  day 2 --> 585 gr.

Female Green : 09.15 : birth weight : 695 gr.  day 2 --> 710 gr.

Female Blue : 09.45 : birth weight : 670 gr.  day 2 --> 710 gr.

Male Red : 12.30 : birth weight : 665 gr.  day 2 --> 660 gr.

Female Light Blue : 14.20 : birth weight :420 gr.  day 2 --> 445 gr.

Male Black : 14.35 : birth weight : 645 gr.  day 2 --> 660 gr.

We really have a good time here, and our mom Sissi is the best !

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04 Jan

Litter S 1 is born on Thursday 3th of January 2019, the proud parents are Princess Sissi and Crazy Boy.

On Thursday the 3th of Janaury around 9 o’clock in the morning, the Stork flew over in full speed with a pack in his mouth, destinated for Princess Sissi and Crazy Boy from Various Canin.

2 males and 4 females are born. Mom and dad are doing very good.

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31 Dec

29.12;2018 Christmas Show

Ho…ho…ho… none other than Father Christmas came to visit our dogs with a bag full of biscuits and toys.

The Father Christmas gave an invitation to two of our dogs for his Christmas show. So the Youngest and the Oldest from the Lions from D’Eskes left on saturday afternoon for the last show of the year 2018. And they did it very well.

The Judge Melchior judged the smallest ones and gave Royal Highness Lions from D’Es the following results and places :

Royal Highness Lions from D’Es in Minor Puppy Class : 1st Place, Very Promising, best puppy and a place in the Ring of Honnor.

The judge Mrs. Hectors judged the Veterans and gave our Jetaime Lions from D’Es the following results and places :

Jetaime Lions from D’Es in Veteran Class Females : 1st Place – Excellent, and received by this way her title “Veteran Champion” and a place in the Ring of Honnor.

And that’s not all, they also received a beautiful present from the Father Christmas himself because they have done their very best.

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