Babyboom in January !!!


            Jetaime Lions from D’Es and  Konnor de la Roseraie Pourpre baby's are born on monday 15 january 1 male and 2 femalles everywane ok heart


               Noor Lions from D’Es and Jiminy Jamppa du Chateau des Lys are very happy with their puppies, 4 males and 7 females, born on the 19th of January 2018. 


                  Reservations are possible.


Ghost von Leuenfort and his lover Heglantine, a daughter of Baghera du Violon D’Or et Forest

Junior have become the proud parents of 10 puppies.

For more informations have a look at cattoir.jean-raynier@wanadoo.fr

Reservations are possible


Thursday 16th of November Nostra Nina Lions from D’Es and Mi Amigo Boy the Leo’s von Kvallk

have given birth to 2  lovely males.

Reservations are possible

Satisfied owners

  • A beautiful day in the forest, Nous and Nouget on a course of research work !

    Well done girls !!!


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    La Nous (Gina en Dragon) en Nugget (Irawadi en Konnor) are doing research work
  • Nostra Elloitt Lions from d’Es son of Happy and Izar in Cap Blanc Nez.

    And don’t forget to support for the football club Reppert !

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    Nostra Elliott Lions from D' Es (Happy en Izar)
  • Me, in the sandbox, oh no, why ?

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    Nouchka (Happy & Ghost)
  • That’s lovely, two new friends for Lord Lou !

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    Lord Lou Lions from D'Es Harko&Happy
  • Photo session during the dog training.

    They are really photogenic !  and even very lovely !

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    Nala (Jeatime&Konnor) en Nougat(Irawadi&Konnor) Lions from D' Es
  • Nasr, Nawelle and Nigra are moving to their new house.

    Special thanks to our owner who has done so much work…

    We are very happy in our new house as well as in the super dog-friendly garden …

    A lovely kiss from the 3 of us !

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    Nasr, Nawelle en Nigra Lions from D' Es
  • After a very busy day, we take a rest together.

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    Noby Lions from D' Es (Angel&King)
  • The owners Mieke and Joop and we ourselves are very proud to inform you that La Nous Lions from

    D’Es has her certificate on the 10th of May 2015 in Ermelo.

    Basic course in detective work and  rescue work.

    Congratulations for La Nous and e well deserved hug.




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    La Nous Lions from D' Es certificated rescue dog
  • La Nous Lions from D’Es (Gina&Dragon) , already experienced, is helping Nugget Lions from D’Es(Irawadi&Konnor) with her first lesson 

    in  waterworks.

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    Nugget en La Nous waterworks
  • Nesthor Lions from D' Es (Irawadi&Konnor 9 months) first lesson of agility. 

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    Nesthor Lions from D' Es