Nigra Lions from D’Es and Crazy Boy from Various Canine have become the proud parents on 6 December 2019 of 8 females and 3 males. Mom and puppies are doing very well and so is dad.

Name of the Litter is “ S 6”,  you can follow us on the rubric “news”.

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The moment has come : two more pups are leaving…

The moment has come : our pink/white ribbon is leaving.

She’s been given the name Nikita. Nikita Lions from D’Es weighed 670 gr when she was born.

Tequila, the Berner Senner, is very excited about the fact that she’s getting a Leo-sister. Together, they can run in the big yard and have all these great adventures.

We wish Nikita a happy and healthy doglife.

The moment has come: our red/green ribbon is leaving.

She’s been given the name Norah. Norah Lions from D’Es weighed 640gr when she was born. Norah will be living with very nice owners. Their two teenagers were raised in the presence of a Leonberger.

And now, the time is exactly right to allow a new teddy into their home and hearts.

We wish Norah a happy and healthy doglife.