01 Oct

Esmeralda du Mont Kailasa is pregnant; the proud daddy is Meus Amicus Harko.

Very great news: the beautiful Esmeralda is pregnant.

Harko is very proud of is Esmeralda! We cross fingers for a good pregnancy and a smooth birth.

The puppies should be born around October 25th.


25 Sep

Clubschau Leonberg(D) 25.09.2011

In the very sunny region of Leonberg (D), 307 Leonbergers participated to a show.

Most of the Leonberger’s owners go to Leonberg for the conviviality, “the happening” of the
Leonberger. This is a pleasant reunion of many Leo’s owner’s friends.

But also a little bit for the show.

33 participants in open class male: Meux Amicus Harko won an Excellent.

26 participants in youth class female: Jetaime Lions from D’Es won a Very Promising.

Angel-Harko Löwe Vom Spittergrund won a Very Promising.

Bravo for our little dogs!


24 Sep

Dagmara, Rafal with the kids and the dogs visiting

During the weekend of September 16th, our good friends Rafal and Dagmara came to visit us
with their kids Karolina and Jacob, and their Leo’s.

Also Samson and Norse Saga visited us. Samson is the father of our little Gina. Together we
went for a walk along the Es in Huldenberg.

Samson and Norse Saga went for a walk at the feet of the Atomium in Brussels and they got
a lot of attention from many tourists, especially from the Asian tourists who had never seen
such big dogs.

We visited the Atomium and Mini Europe. It was a very pleasant reunion.


28 Aug

Sunday August 28th show in Mons

Meus Amicus Harko and Irawadi Vom Löwengarten participated to a show in Mons.

The 23 Leonberger participants were examined by inspector Van Hummelen.

Meus Amicus was granted the third place in open class male with a: Excellent.

Irawadi Vom Löwengarten won the first place in open class female with a: Excellent.

And we were proud...


24 Aug

Wednesday August 24th Harko mates Esmeralda du Mont Kailasa

It was love at first sight.

De beautiful and sweet Esmeralda du Mont Kailasa made Meus Amicus Harko’s hart beat
faster. And the rest came by itself.

Paws crossed for a successful mating.


21 Aug

Sunday August 21st our dogs participate to the Procession of the grapes in Overijse

The region of the grapes, where our Leonbergers feel at home!

Of course they could not be absent at the yearly procession of the grapes through Overijse.
With pleasure we accepted the invitation of the dogs school ‘De Tombeekse Hondenvrienden’

to participate to the precession.

It was a very hot and stormy day. But our little dogs were very brave.

J’adore was allowed to participate to the first part of the procession. And she did it great.
Between all these spectators and high decibels of many floats, she was admired like a real
show beast by all the spectators.

Harko took the second part of the procession for its own. Very obedient and very proud, he
showed himself from his best side.

Many spectators were allowed to caress him, especially the smallest ones found him very
sweet and wonderful. A very big teddy bear!

The dogs school ‘De Tombeekse hondenvrienden” were very satisfied with the behaviour of
all their socially and well-bred dogs.


20 Aug

Saturday August 20th Sint-Romboutscup Mechelen

Despite the fact that owner Luc had a very busy weekend Harko and Irawadi could participate
to the show in Mechelen.

Inspector Jentgen Paul (Lu) granted following rating: Meus Amicus Harko in open class:
second place “Excellent”.

Irawadi Vom Löwengarten in open class: third place ‘Excellent’

Again our little dogs did it perfectly.


05 Aug

Saturday July 23rd Golden Dog Trophy at Liège

29 Leonbergers participated at the Golden Dog Trophy 2011.

Naturally, Harko, Irawadi and June were at the party.

Under the rigorous and fair assessment of Mrs. Haapaniemi (FI), Meus Amicus Harko finished second in the open class and received an "excellent" reference.

Irawadi Vom Löwengarten finished first in the open class and received an "excellent" reference and RCAC.

And June Lions from D'Es received a good review in het juvenile class and also got her first cup.


17 Jul

Lokerse Winner on Sunday July 17th

Packed and ready, and ready to tackle all weather scenarios, we left with Harko, Irawadi and Jetaim to the summer outdoor show at Lokeren.

Meus Amicus Harko finished second in the open class and received an "excellent" reference.

Irawadi Vom Löwengarten also finished second in the open class and received an "excellent" reference and RCAC.

And Jetaime Lions from D'Es finished first in the category "best pup" receiving a "most promising" reference and was allowed to go to the ring of honour.


15 Jul

Family visit at the Weidemars.

How romantic, the reunion of two lovers Lele and Harko.  A complete household together with the puppies Andor, Amigo and Ayla also included.

And such a beautiful puppies.  Daddy Harco is very proud of his Lele and her offspring.

Female little dog Ayla will stay with her mother Lele where she will become a very happy little dog together with her owners Gema, Ben en their children.

Male dog Andor goes to Germany where he will live with the Conrad family.  Andor will grow up, with his uncle Umberto vom Goldenen Vlies.

And Amigo will be the best “amigo” of the de Boer family.

We wish Harko’s and Lele’s puppies a very good dog life.


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Hydro Lions From D'Es, hydrotherapie


Zwemmen met je hond is gewoon leuk maar het is ook heel gezond. Mensen komen naar ons hydrotherapiecenter met honden die last hebben van heupdysplasie, elleboogdysplasie, gescheurde ligamenten, artrose, rugproblemen, spierblessures of overgewicht. Met hydrotherapie kan je je hond op verschillende manieren helpen. De fysieke inspanning op zich is goed voor de gezondheid van je hond, zorgt voor een betere ontwikkeling van de spiermassa en is goed voor de behandeling van pijn bij bv. artrose.

Ook gezonde, opgroeiende honden hebben baat bij hydrotherapie. Het bevordert een evenwichtige opbouw van spieren en gewrichten. Bij oudere honden onderhoudt hydrotherapie de spiermassa zonder zware inspanning en overbelasting. Honden zwemmen van nature... maar niet allemaal! 

Bij sommige rassen is "leren zwemmen" nodig. Hydrotherapie is trouwens veel meer dan zwemmen alleen. Het zorgt voor een perfect hondenleven: niet alleen fysiek maar ook mentaal. Het is ideaal voor een goede socialisatie en trouwens perfect tegen stress bij je hond.

Hydro Lions From d'Es - YouTube



Wij beschikken over een hydrotherapiebak met een vlakke loopband en een hydrotherapiebak met een loopband met een hellingsgraad van 8 tot 30 graden.

De hydrotherapie op zich bestaat uit doelgerichte oefeningen die op een zachte manier in water worden uitgevoerd om op die manier terug spiermassa op te bouwen. Door de beweging in water wordt de aanmaak van gewrichtsvocht gestimuleerd zodat er als het ware een olie-achtige film rond de gewrichten wordt gelegd. De bloedsomloop van je hond wordt ook gestimuleerd door de intensiteit van de oefeningen en de warmte van het water.

Eén hydrotherapiesessie duurt een half uur.

De aanwezigheid van het baasje is heel belangrijk (zeker de eerste keren) om je hond gerust te stellen en hem te stimuleren om de oefeningen op de loopband in het water te doen.

Hydro Lions From d'Es - YouTube



Per beurt betaalt u slechts 30 euro.



Hydro Lions From D'es

Luc Vandeuren
Molenweg 25
3040 Huldenberg

GSM: +32 (0)495/20 88 87

Ond.nr. BE0746230205


Foto's hydrotherapie