27 Nov

Sunday 27th of November, Leonberger walk in Beernem

Meus Amicus Harko, Angel Löwe Von Spittergrund and Jarko (Jamy) Lions from D’Es went for a walk in Beernem, with all their little friends of the Leonberger Club. It was raining a bit, but this could not damage the fun.
It was also very nice in the restaurant “In den Achternoene” where the food was subject to a profound inspection by our dogs.
And it was approved!
And last but not least, also the good Saint Nicolas came to visit us and gave a little present to all dogs who behaved well.


20 Nov

Saturday 19th of November, the Eurodogshow at Courtray

41 Leonbergers were examined by inspector Vanhoenacker.
Of course, Irawadi and Harko were also present.
After a very long waiting time, we finally got to the part where the Leonbergers were examined.
Of course the fun was gone and the inspector was not in a good mood anymore.
Meus Amicus Harko obtained a Very Good rating and got the fourth place.
Irawadi obtained as well a Very Good en got the third place.
Our little dogs did this very well and they were happy to be able to go back home. Their fellow dogs gave them a warm treat.


11 Nov

Soon, Meus Amicus Harko TV star.

Wednesday 9th of November Harko could play in a TV commercial.

Like for a real star there is expected to have a lot of patience… very long waiting times…

First there was a take in the studio, where Harko had to give a little kiss to the model.

Then there were some takes in the parc, where Harko had to sniff around a female Golden Retriever.

Harko liked doing that very much! This role was perfect for him!

Afterwards he had to pose for the family picture.

The director was very satisfied about the performing talent of Harko.

He was definitely the star of the day!


08 Nov

Jetaime Lions from D’Es Youth Champion of Luxemburg

Sunday 6th of November, we went to Luxemburg with Harko, Jetaime and Angel to participate there to
the big Dog Show.

24 Leonbergers were examined by the Irish inspector June Wall.

Meus Amicus Harko obtained the fourth place with a Very Good.

Jetaime Lions from D’Es obtained the first place with an Excellent and was chosen as Youth Champion of

Angel-Harko Löwe Vom Spittergrund obtained the first place with a Very Promising en became best

Our little dogs did their very best. We are very proud of the results won.

Jetaime made us very happy with her first title of champion.


01 Nov

Sunday 30th of October, the Lovanium cup in Leuven.

Since Luc is a member of the Lovanium club, he participated to the organization.
The Lovanium club can be very proud of their annual dog show. It is a very well organized event, very pleasant for the dogs and their owners.
Our little dogs, Harko, Irawadi, Jadore and Angel were also highly pleased. Inspector Van Deijl (B) inspected our Leonbergers with following results:
Meus Amicus Harko: Excellent place 2 in open class male.
Irawadi Vom Löwengarten: Very Good place 3 in open class female.
Jadore du Plateau Bavarois: Very Good place 2 in youth class.
Angel-Harko Löwe Von Spittergrund: Very promising place 2 in puppy class.
We returned back home with four very beautiful and soft dry beds.


01 Nov

Esmeralda du Mont Kailasa gave birth to eight healthy puppies.

Harko is very proud of his Esmeralda and her offspring.
Esmeralda gave birth to 5 male puppies and 3 female puppies.
The mother and the puppies are very well. Of course, the father is very well also.


24 Oct

Sunday 23th of October the Canid show in ‘s Hertogenbosch (NL)

At dawn, we went in the direction of the Netherlands.
It was the first real dog show for Jarko Lions from D’Es (Jammy=orange ribbon).
Angel-Harko Löwe Vom Spittergrund has already participated different times to a show and with big success.
And our dog that is very used to shows, Meus Amicus Harko.
Lady Romanova (RU) inspected the little ones and the youngest ones.
Jarko (Jammy) Lions from D’Es got an excellent report and the place behind board number 4!
Congratulations for his first real performance and in addition, on his first birthday! Hip hip houra!
Angel-Harko Löwe Vom Spittergrund also did her very best and obtained a Very Promising and a brilliant second place in puppy class!
Meus Amicus Harko was inspected by inspector Couvoisier (F) and obtained a Very Good report in open class male.
Well done, we are very proud of our little dogs!


24 Oct

Sunday 23th of October “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE J-NEST”

A very happy first birthday to: Jelco, Junior, Jarko, Jochie, Jid-Ji, Jibben, June, Janis, Jetaime!!!


16 Oct

Sunday 9th of October, dog exhibition in Charleroi

Harko, Irawadi en Jetaime could join us to Charleroi.
Luckily, it was not raining while we were waiting in the line in front of the entrance. Our little dogs stayed dry and clean.
So many dogs and so many people in such a small place. It was almost impossible.
Inspector Baelen was replaced by the French inspector Voilet who gave following review:
Meus Amicus Harko: Very Good.
Irawadi Vom Löwengarten: Excellent 3th place.
Jetaime Lions from D’Es: Very Good 4th place.
Luckily we could leave after the inspection and we drove in the direction of Momignies, where we were warmly welcomed during the open door days of “La Roseraie Pourpre”, the kennel where the pregnant Esermalda du Mont Kailasa is waiting for the birth of the Esmeralda & Harko nest very patiently.


15 Oct

Esmeralda du Mont Kailasa is pregnant; the proud daddy is Meus Amicus Harko.

Very great news: the beautiful Esmeralda is pregnant.

Harko is very proud of is Esmeralda! We cross fingers for a good pregnancy and a smooth birth.

The puppies should be born around October 25th.


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Hydro Lions From D'Es, hydrotherapie


Zwemmen met je hond is gewoon leuk maar het is ook heel gezond. Mensen komen naar ons hydrotherapiecenter met honden die last hebben van heupdysplasie, elleboogdysplasie, gescheurde ligamenten, artrose, rugproblemen, spierblessures of overgewicht. Met hydrotherapie kan je je hond op verschillende manieren helpen. De fysieke inspanning op zich is goed voor de gezondheid van je hond, zorgt voor een betere ontwikkeling van de spiermassa en is goed voor de behandeling van pijn bij bv. artrose.

Ook gezonde, opgroeiende honden hebben baat bij hydrotherapie. Het bevordert een evenwichtige opbouw van spieren en gewrichten. Bij oudere honden onderhoudt hydrotherapie de spiermassa zonder zware inspanning en overbelasting. Honden zwemmen van nature... maar niet allemaal! 

Bij sommige rassen is "leren zwemmen" nodig. Hydrotherapie is trouwens veel meer dan zwemmen alleen. Het zorgt voor een perfect hondenleven: niet alleen fysiek maar ook mentaal. Het is ideaal voor een goede socialisatie en trouwens perfect tegen stress bij je hond.

Hydro Lions From d'Es - YouTube



Wij beschikken over een hydrotherapiebak met een vlakke loopband en een hydrotherapiebak met een loopband met een hellingsgraad van 8 tot 30 graden.

De hydrotherapie op zich bestaat uit doelgerichte oefeningen die op een zachte manier in water worden uitgevoerd om op die manier terug spiermassa op te bouwen. Door de beweging in water wordt de aanmaak van gewrichtsvocht gestimuleerd zodat er als het ware een olie-achtige film rond de gewrichten wordt gelegd. De bloedsomloop van je hond wordt ook gestimuleerd door de intensiteit van de oefeningen en de warmte van het water.

Eén hydrotherapiesessie duurt een half uur.

De aanwezigheid van het baasje is heel belangrijk (zeker de eerste keren) om je hond gerust te stellen en hem te stimuleren om de oefeningen op de loopband in het water te doen.

Hydro Lions From d'Es - YouTube



Per beurt betaalt u slechts 30 euro.



Hydro Lions From D'es

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3040 Huldenberg

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