Nigra Lions from D’Es and Crazy Boy from Various Canine have become the proud parents on 6 December 2019 of 8 females and 3 males. Mom and puppies are doing very well and so is dad.

Name of the Litter is “ S 6”,  you can follow us on the rubric “news”.

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The other puppies are leaving…

The moment has come : our green ribbon is leaving. He’s been given the name Nobi. Nobi Lions from D’Es weighed 510 gr when he was born. Nobi is going to conquer the hearts of all these beautiful women. He’s already become their superman. Our beloved vet Ingrid will be keeping an eye on Nobi too. She’s the auntie of all our dogs, small and big. We wish Nobi a healthy and happy dog life. The moment has come : our light blue ribbon is leaving. She’s been given the name Nostra Aafje. Nostra Aafje weighed 555 gr when she was born. Nostra Aafje will be living with nice owners and their Newfoundlander. They’ll be able to grow (up) together. Their owner is chef by profession… that sounds very promising..hmmm… maybe their meals will be mixed up with some snacks ?! We wish Nostra Aafje a healthy and happy doglife.