The 12th of march 2019,Noor Lions from D’Es and Clooney Crazy Boy from Various Canine

became the happy parents of 4 males and 6 females. Puppies and mom are doing well.





Friday 20th of February 2016 Dogshow International “Flanders Dog” in Ghent.

Today, Noor, Nice and Mi Amigo, who always serves a little like a bodyguard, are present on the Flanders Dog Show in Ghent.

It’s Ms Rooney (Irl) who judges today the 31 registered Leonbergers and who gives our dogs the following results and places :

Mi Amigo Boy de Leo’s von Kvallk in Championsclass males : 2nd Place – Excellent – RCAC and RCACIB

Noortje Lions from D’Es in Junior Class Females : 2nd Place – Excellent

Niceke Lions from D’Es in Open Class Females : 4th Place – Excellent

Special thanks to the owners Rita and Peter to show with Nostra Nina Lions from D’Es in Junior Class Females : 4th Place – Excellent

Well done dogs, they all returned back home hungry and thursty...