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08 Jan

Litter T 5 Riga and T 6 Princess Sissi are leaving

Dear friends,

How fast time passes, sometimes too fast…yesterday all the puppies still had a delicious Christmas meal here at the home of Lions from D’Es.

And today, the moment has come…the puppies from T 5 and T 6 are leaving with their new owners to their new home.

It’s really busy at the home of Lions from D’Es, making the puppy notebooks with all the necessary documents, the papers…

We, the puppies are still enjoying our last days together, changing out our mobile phone number, giving each other a great hug and paws…

Our moms are still busy with the last necessary information, and they licked us clean very well one more time.

Thank you mom, we really love you so much and you did your very best,  now it’s up to us…and you will see, you will be so proud on us…

Mom Riga and mom Princess Sissi, dad Clooney, thank you very much, many thanks also to dad Luc and anyone who helped us to become “great”.

Hopefully we will see each other again soon, at a reunion of the Lions from D’Eskes Nazaten or simply make a visit to Luc.

Take care of yourself…

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09 Jan

Litter T 7 Presilla & Crazy Boy from Various Canine day 43.

Hello dear fanclub,

It’s quiet here, now that the puppies from Litter T 5 and T 6 have left to their new home.

We have lots of place now, but really, we miss our boyfriends and girlfriends …but we make the best of it.

Now that we are “the great ones” aunt Ingrid, our veterinarian came to give us a vaccination and to put a chip in our neck. That’s a good thing because that way, everyone knows who and where we are.

But now we still have to learn lots of things. Every day there is a new challenge for us. Our mom and our dad are so proud of us. We are really super puppies !!

Male Multicolor - Black : birth weight : 690 gr. --> day 43 : 7 875 gr.

Male Multicolor - Red : birth weight : 564 gr. --> day 43 : 8 505 gr.

Male Multicolor - Blue : birth weight : 740 gr. --> day 43 : 8 130 gr.

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24 Jan

Litter T 7 Puppies from Presilla and Crazy Boy are leaving.

And then the moment has come, the puppies from T 7 Presilla & Crazy Boy are leaving with their new owners to their new house.

We still enjoy being together, and playing together…

Another big lick from mom and dad, and a great hug for the three brothers.

Take care of yourself, we have done our best, now it’s up to you.

Hopefully we will see each other again soon, at a reunion of the Lions from D’Eskes Nazaten or simply make a visit to Luc. Always welcome…

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22 Jan

Thursday 21th of January 2021, the Litter U 1 Nigra Lions from D’Es and Crazy Boy from Various Canine is born

A few days ago Nigra has been taken already to the maternity “Lions from D’Es” by her owner An. Nigra felt very good in the puppyroom which was carefully furnished for her.

After a quiet day yesterday, this night the time had come…five puppies were born, three big females and two cool males.

Dad Crazy Boy from Various Canine, the Clooney, came to the puppyroom to congratulate mom Nigra and he looked with amazement to his puppies.


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22 Jan

Litter U 1 Nigra Lions from D’Es & Crazy Boy from Various Canine present you their puppies

Hip, hip, hoeray !!

Nigra Lions from D’Es & Crazy Boy from Various Canine proudly present you their puppies.

02.45 Female Yellow : birth weight : 778 gr.

03.20 Male Blue : birth weight : 780 gr.

06.35 Male Red : birth weight : 766 gr.

09.40 Female Orange : birth weight : 788 gr.

16.00 Female Light-Blue : birth weight : 724 gr.

Congratulations to everyone, all the dogs of Lions from D’Es and all their owners, future owners…

Especially thanks to An and all the helping hands.

Mom, dad and puppies are doing very well.

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24 Jan

Saturday 23th of January 2021 Litter U 2 Roosje Lions from D’Es and Crazy Boy from Various Canine is born.

Oh what a night…

Our mom’s belly was about to explode, so time was urgent to do something about it. One by one we searched for the exit, some found it a bit easier than others.

But by the coffee time in the morning, all 12 of us lay close to our mom. Drinking, that’s quite an adventure to get a place for everyone to the milkbar.

So we were split into two shifts of six…problem solved ! Delicious !!

02.45 Female Multicolor-Yellow : birth weight : 478 gr.

03.10 Female Multicolor-Orange : birth weight : 428 gr.

05.05 Male Multicolor-Blue : birth weight : 442 gr.

05.20 Female Multicolor-Light-Blue : birth weight : 486 gr.

05.40 Female Multicolor-Purple : birth weight : 464 gr.

06.00 Female Multicolor-Salmon :birth weight : 472 gr.

06.30 Female Multicolor-White : birth weight : 454 gr.

06.50 Female Multicolor-Green : birth weight : 430 gr.

07.30 Female Multicolor-Red : birth weight : 506 gr.

08.00 Male Multicolor-Black : birth weight : 536 gr.

08.20 Male Light-dark Blue : birth weight : 482 gr.

09.50 Male Multicolor-Grey : birth weight : 400 gr.

Mom Roos and Dad Clooney (Crazy Boy) are very proud on their offspring.

There are still females available from this litter

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Hydro Lions From D'Es, hydrotherapie


Zwemmen met je hond is gewoon leuk maar het is ook heel gezond. Mensen komen naar ons hydrotherapiecenter met honden die last hebben van heupdysplasie, elleboogdysplasie, gescheurde ligamenten, artrose, rugproblemen, spierblessures of overgewicht. Met hydrotherapie kan je je hond op verschillende manieren helpen. De fysieke inspanning op zich is goed voor de gezondheid van je hond, zorgt voor een betere ontwikkeling van de spiermassa en is goed voor de behandeling van pijn bij bv. artrose.

Ook gezonde, opgroeiende honden hebben baat bij hydrotherapie. Het bevordert een evenwichtige opbouw van spieren en gewrichten. Bij oudere honden onderhoudt hydrotherapie de spiermassa zonder zware inspanning en overbelasting. Honden zwemmen van nature... maar niet allemaal! 

Bij sommige rassen is "leren zwemmen" nodig. Hydrotherapie is trouwens veel meer dan zwemmen alleen. Het zorgt voor een perfect hondenleven: niet alleen fysiek maar ook mentaal. Het is ideaal voor een goede socialisatie en trouwens perfect tegen stress bij je hond.

Hydro Lions From d'Es - YouTube



Wij beschikken over een hydrotherapiebak met een vlakke loopband en een hydrotherapiebak met een loopband met een hellingsgraad van 8 tot 30 graden.

De hydrotherapie op zich bestaat uit doelgerichte oefeningen die op een zachte manier in water worden uitgevoerd om op die manier terug spiermassa op te bouwen. Door de beweging in water wordt de aanmaak van gewrichtsvocht gestimuleerd zodat er als het ware een olie-achtige film rond de gewrichten wordt gelegd. De bloedsomloop van je hond wordt ook gestimuleerd door de intensiteit van de oefeningen en de warmte van het water.

Eén hydrotherapiesessie duurt een half uur.

De aanwezigheid van het baasje is heel belangrijk (zeker de eerste keren) om je hond gerust te stellen en hem te stimuleren om de oefeningen op de loopband in het water te doen.

Hydro Lions From d'Es - YouTube



Per beurt betaalt u slechts 30 euro.



Hydro Lions From D'es

Luc Vandeuren
Molenweg 25
3040 Huldenberg

GSM: +32 (0)495/20 88 87

Ond.nr. BE0746230205


Foto's hydrotherapie