The 3th of January 2019, Princess Sissi Lions from D’Es and Clooney Crazy Boy from Various Canine

became the happy parents of 2 males and 4 females. Puppies and mom are doing well.


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06 Jan

Saturday the 6th of January 2018

Our best wishes for 2018 and here we are with some news about us the Q 5 tjes Blue and White.

It’s been a long time that you have heard some news about us, but…there is a good reason for it, which was well agreeded in advance !

When our mom recovered good and well and when we became two great brothers, then we were allowed to move to the house of our mom Nina and stay there with her owners Rita and Peter.

What an adventure, Rita and Peter and of course also our mom did everything to make it  comfortable for us, we’ve certainly been cuddled a million times. We got the best of the best to eat.

We played hours and hours until we fell asleep together. Our mom was very strict and kept an eye on us to see that we got plenty of rest. For Rita and Peter it was a dream that became true. And we, we have enjoyed a luxury puppy life.

We also have celebrated Christmas and New Year together, with plenty of cake.

From now on, our time together becomes shorter, our mom says and she wipes a tear away,very soon  we are going to move to our new futur home. But we already know that we will be more than welcome there as well. After a good education, we will do our very best so that our futur owners can be happy and proud of us !

NB Have a look to the long photographic film, which granny and granddad have made of us.

Many thanks to Rita and Peter, we”ll never forget you, and certainly not our mom !!

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08 Jan

Sunday 7th of January 2018 Dogshow Schaal der Kempen

Persilla, Oeps and Crazy Boy were still sleeping a little while the Leomobile drived direction

Weelde to participate to the Show Schaal der Kempen.

It was Judge M. Gustaaf Van Den Bosch who judged the 17 Leonbergers and who gave our

dogs the following results and places :

Crazy Boy From Various Canine ( Clooney George) in Junior Class Males : 1st Place –

Excellent – Best Junior Leonberger and selected to go to the ring of Honnor.

Persilla Lions from D’Es in Junior Class  Females : 3rd  Place – Very good.

Oeps Lions from D’Es in Open Class Females : 1st Place – Excellent – BOS-CAC-CACIB

Crazy Boy From Various Canine(Clooney George) selected to the 8 best dogs in the Ring of




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08 Jan

Litter Q 5 Nini and Mi Amigo “our adventures at the house of Rita and Peter

Today the 8th of January, we went back to the Molenweg to the kennel Lions from D’Es. So that we still can stay a few days with our dad, but also wit our aunts and uncles.

We’ve had beautiful days with our mom at the house of Peter and Rita, here a little report :

First of all we went on discovery and snuffled everywhere in the house,all these activities even took a whole day. After it, we’ve chosen our sleeping place, we were all sleeping close to each other on a soft and warm fleece.

The meals which Rita repared for us were so fine and tasteful. And how we have enjoyed the caresses that Peter gave us.

On Saturday we could  go to the dogschool, of course together with our mom Nini and dad Amigo. The cartrip was exciting, we were flying from left to right.

Once arrived in the dogschool, we realised that all the present dogs were well educated, sit… laydown… stand up…apport  etc…oh my god, all these things don’t seem so easily. We will have to do our very best.

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08 Jan

Litter Q5 Nini and Mi Amigo “our adventures at the house of Rita and Peter part 2”

During our stay at the house of our mom, we went on “safari” in the garden of Rita and Peter.

Our mom learned us to know what grass is, it tickled to our bellies. We found it exciting to pull and to bite on the branches. There were also big trees to snuffle and to do pipi against when we will be great dogs.

After all, we’ve learned a lot things but the most funny part of the day was certainly the garden hose, how we have laughed, and we even got wet feet of it !!

We were so tired of running around that we all closed our eyes and a few minutes later we already were in dreamland. Unfortunately, we’ll have to say goodbye tomorrow, thanks dear mom, Rita and Peter, we will never forget you !!

And we promise you that the day that our new owners come to pick us up, you’ll be there with us.

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17 Jan

Monday 15th of January 2018 Jetaime and Konnor present you their descendance

How mom Jetaime was keeping the anxiety in giving birth during the last days…

Finally, monday evening she began at the “great work”…Dad Konnor was watching TV.

21.45h.  Female Yellow : birth weight : 570 gr.

23.00h.  Female White :  birht weight : 555 gr.

04.45h.  Male Blue : birth weight : 610 gr.

Mom Jetaime was very happy with her puppies and she gave them a lot of licks,

dad Konnor can already have a look at the door of the puppyroom and is also very proud.

Mom and puppies are doing very well ( and so is dad) 

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17 Jan

Litter R 2 Jetaime and Konnor day 2

Yes, yes, it was funny in mom her belly, but here it’s also very good.

We are sleeping the whole day near our mom and when we are hungry, we just have to

open the taps en then we can drink the best milk.

We are drinking and drinking until we are tired and after it we all fall asleep near to the

warm belly of our mom, super !

Female Yellow : birth weight : 570 gr.  day 2 --> 610 gr.

Female White :  birht weight : 555 gr.  day 2 --> 600 gr.

Male Blue : birth weight : 610 gr.  day 2 --> 630 gr.

Drinking milk really makes us strong !

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17 Jan

Sunday 14th of January 2018 The moment has come…our blue ribbon Q5 is leaving.

The moment has come, our blue ribbon is leaving, he’s been given the name of Quest.

Quest Lions from D’Es !

Quest is a quiet dog, who will certainly feel good with hese new lovely owners.

They will do everything to socialize Quest as good as possible.

This afternoon, there is already a family visit. Success will be guaranteed. Quest is really

a male who will charm everybody.

We wish Quest a happy and healthy doglife !


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17 Jan

Tuesday 16th of January 2018 our white ribbon Q 5 is leaving

The moment has come…our White ribbon is leaving, he’s been given the name of Quiero JP.

Quiero JP Lions from D’Es !

Quiero will be the second dog in the family, yes, yes, Quiero will have a friend immediately.

That will be funny, a great brother…they will have a lot of adventures together. But he will

also learn a lot of new things with him.

And they will go regularly to the sea together…that will be exciting !

Quiero JP will receive a lot of compliments because he is really a beautiful dog.

We wish Quiero a happy and healthy doglife !

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20 Jan

Friday the 19th of January 2018 SPECIAL NEWSFLASH ! The puppies from the Litter Noor and Jiminy are born.

About 21.20h the first puppy left the delicious place from mom’s belly, to discover the great world.

Nine others also found their way out and followed the signboard “Exit”

However one had left his way…and arrived with a few hours delay (Saturday12.20u) in the puppyroom.

For mom Noor it was really a very busy night shift…

But everything went well and mom Noor and dad Jiminy are very proud to present you their beautiful and healthy descendance.


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20 Jan

Friday 19th of January 2018 Litter R 2 Noor and Jiminy are born

Hello everybody,

Our mom and dad are very proud of us and so they want to share it with all of you, yes, yes, we are already allowed to go to the photographer and we are very happy to present you our very first individual fotoshoot..

Have a look how lovely we are :

21.20 Female Blue/Yellow : birth weight : 720 gr.

22.05 Female Blue/Green : birth weight : 710 gr.

22.30 Female Blue/red : birth weight : 490 gr.

22.45 Male Blue/Black : birth weight : 690 gr.

23.30 Female Blue/Gold : birth weight : 675 gr.

01.10 Female Blue/Violet : birth weight : 720 gr.

01.25 Male Blue/Grey : birth weight : 690 gr.

03.15 Female Gold/Green : birth weight : 710 gr.

03.45 Male Gold/Red : birth weight : 705 gr.

07.20 Female Gold/Gold : birth weight: 610 gr.

12.20 Male Gold/Black : birth weight: 615 gr.

Aunt Jetaime has been switched on to help to feed all these little snouts with superbe milk.

Thank you so much, aunt Jetaime,  great kisses from mama Noor.

And we are drinking and drinking...mmm


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