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04 Jun

Nest O 1 Lona and Mi Amigo, day 8.

Hey everyone, here we are with some news about us.

We’re doing great. We’ve got plenty of milk to drink, ‘cuz there’s never a line at the milkbar ;) 

And you can tell by the way we’re growing:

Male green: weight at birth: 470 gr —> day 8: 1100 gr.

Female blue: weight at birth: 400 gr —> day 8: 1180 gr.

Female yellow: weight at birth: 600 gr —> day 8: 1300 gr.

So everything’s superb! Now we’re waiting for the day that we can open our eyes and see our mother :)

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06 Jun

Saterday, June 6th, International Dogshow of Zuidkempen at Lommel.

The Leomobil headed to Limburg with Noortje, Jetaime and Mi Amigo. Massi was joining them too. 

Meanwhile, Nostra Nina Lions from D’Es and Laika Lions from D’Es  had arrived in Lommel. 

Our Lions from D’Es were very well represented, cuz there are 21 Leonbergers entering the show and six of them are Lions.

It was judge M. Roosenboom that judged the Leo’s and he gave our dogs these resultats and ranking:

Massi Lions from D’Es: intermediate class males: 1st place: Excellent

Mi Amigo boy de Leo’s vom Kvallk: championsclass males: 2nd place: Excellent

Noortje Lions from D’Es: puppyclass females: 1st place: Very Promising and Best Baby

Nostra Nina Lions from D’Es: puppyclass females: 2nd place: Very Promising

Laika Lions from D’Es: open class females: 3th place: Very Good.

Jetaime Lions from D’Es: championsclass females: 1st place: Excellent and CAC

Because our Noortje was crowned as best Leo-puppy, she was allowed to enter the ring of honor and she was selected as one of 6 best dogs! Well done Noortje!

A big thanks to the owners of Nostra Nina, Laika and Massi who entered the show and participated.

We’re very proud!

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28 Jun

Sunday 28th of June International dogshow Ambiorixtrofee

Today  Mi Amigo boy de Leo’s vom Kvallk, Jetaime Lions from D’Es, Nice Lions from D’Es and

Larko Lions from D’Es represent our dogs during the International Dogshow Ambiorixtrofee

in Genk.

For Larko Lions from D’Es (Harko & Irawadi) it’s his first show. Special thanks go to the owners

Evelien and Christophe.

Mr. Kinsey R. (UK) judges the 35 registered Leonbergers and gives our dogs the following results and

places :

Larko Lions from D’Es in open class males : Excellent – 2nd place

Mi Amigo boy de Leo’s vom Kvallk in championsclass : Excellent – 3th place

Nice Lions from D’Es in junior class females : Excellent  - 1th place

Jetaime Lions from D’Es in championsclass : Excellent  - 2nd place

An excellent performance for our 4 dogs.

Congratulations  for Larko, his first excellent performance on show.

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20 Jun

Saturday 20th of June 2015 dogshow in Douai(Fr.)

Today it’s the first day of a two days during dogshow in Douai in France.


Mi Amigo, Laelia and Noortje are going with.


It’s Mme Taborda Maria who judges our dogs and gives them the following results and places :


Mi Amigo boy de Leo’s vom Kvallk in championsclass males : 1th place – Excellent – BOB (Best ofrace)

 Laelia Lions from D’Es in open class females : 2nd place – Very good 

Noortje Lions from D’Es in puppyclass females : 1th place – Very Promising and Best Puppy. 

Well done from our dogs, after the show, we had dinner in the Leomobile and then we went to sleep…

waiting for the next showday!

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21 Jun

Sunday 21th of June 2015 second day of Dogshow in Douai.

After having a good breakfast in the Leomobile our dogs are completely ready for the second day

of the dogshow in Douai.

Today it’s Mme Bocca Griffa who judges our dogs and gives them the following results :

Mi Amigo Boy de Leo’s vom Kvallk in championsclass males : 2nd place -  Excellent

Laelia Lions from D’Es in open class females : 2nd place – Excellent

Noortje Lions from D’Es in puppyclass females : Very Promising

Tired, but very happy with the wonderful results we went home, where all the lions of D’Es were waiting for us, as well as the puppies, who already know very well how to wag.

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16 Jun

O 1 Litter Lona and Mi Amigo day 20

Here we are again with some more news from the 3 of us.

We’ve been very busy during the  last week, drinking milk, sleeping, and we can even take a few

steps. We are doing this very well and we like it, we are already stepping around in the litterbox.

A few times, we’ve already escaped from the litterbox, yes, we are already able to do so much,

and we have a lot of fun.

We’ve heard that within a few days they will give us porridge, we are curious!

Male green : birth weight 470 gr. day 20 à 2 700 gr.

Female blue : birth weight 400 gr. day 20 à 2 610 gr.

Female yellow : birth weight 600 gr. day 20 à 2 740 gr.

Our ribbons have alreday  one size more, we went from extra small to small this week and very soon

it will be medium…






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12 Jun

Litter O 1 Lona and Mi Amigo day 14

Here we are, the 3 Musketeers from litter O 1 Lona and Mi Amigo.

We’ve got some more news for all of you.

We openend our eyes and for the very first time, we could really see our mum. And we agree all

three of us, she is the most beautiful mother on earth!

During the last week we’ve been drinking very good, our mum is giving us ‘super’ milk, and look how

we have grown. We also are able to stand a liitle bit on our feet .

Male green : birth weight  470 gr.  day 14  à 2 090 gr.

Female blue : birth weight  400 gr.  day 14  à 2 060 gr.

Female yellow : birth weight  600 gr.  day 14  à 2 210 gr.

Well done…


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Hydro Lions From D'Es, hydrotherapie


Zwemmen met je hond is gewoon leuk maar het is ook heel gezond. Mensen komen naar ons hydrotherapiecenter met honden die last hebben van heupdysplasie, elleboogdysplasie, gescheurde ligamenten, artrose, rugproblemen, spierblessures of overgewicht. Met hydrotherapie kan je je hond op verschillende manieren helpen. De fysieke inspanning op zich is goed voor de gezondheid van je hond, zorgt voor een betere ontwikkeling van de spiermassa en is goed voor de behandeling van pijn bij bv. artrose.

Ook gezonde, opgroeiende honden hebben baat bij hydrotherapie. Het bevordert een evenwichtige opbouw van spieren en gewrichten. Bij oudere honden onderhoudt hydrotherapie de spiermassa zonder zware inspanning en overbelasting. Honden zwemmen van nature... maar niet allemaal! 

Bij sommige rassen is "leren zwemmen" nodig. Hydrotherapie is trouwens veel meer dan zwemmen alleen. Het zorgt voor een perfect hondenleven: niet alleen fysiek maar ook mentaal. Het is ideaal voor een goede socialisatie en trouwens perfect tegen stress bij je hond.

Hydro Lions From d'Es - YouTube



Wij beschikken over een hydrotherapiebak met een vlakke loopband en een hydrotherapiebak met een loopband met een hellingsgraad van 8 tot 30 graden.

De hydrotherapie op zich bestaat uit doelgerichte oefeningen die op een zachte manier in water worden uitgevoerd om op die manier terug spiermassa op te bouwen. Door de beweging in water wordt de aanmaak van gewrichtsvocht gestimuleerd zodat er als het ware een olie-achtige film rond de gewrichten wordt gelegd. De bloedsomloop van je hond wordt ook gestimuleerd door de intensiteit van de oefeningen en de warmte van het water.

Eén hydrotherapiesessie duurt een half uur.

De aanwezigheid van het baasje is heel belangrijk (zeker de eerste keren) om je hond gerust te stellen en hem te stimuleren om de oefeningen op de loopband in het water te doen.

Hydro Lions From d'Es - YouTube



Per beurt betaalt u slechts 30 euro.



Hydro Lions From D'es

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GSM: +32 (0)495/20 88 87

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Foto's hydrotherapie