The 12th of march 2019,Noor Lions from D’Es and Clooney Crazy Boy from Various Canine

became the happy parents of 4 males and 6 females. Puppies and mom are doing well.





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03 Apr

The moment has come… Norris is leaving, and the pink ribbon, named Noor Lions from D’Es is staying with us.

The moment has come: our black ribbon is leaving. He’s been given the name Norris.

Norris Lions from D’Es weighed 580gr when he was born. Actually, we were planning about keeping him with us, but eventually we decided to keep the female with us.

We put his photo on the website and it didn’t take long until someone noticed and showed interest. One night and a couple hours later, Norris left.

He has stolen the hearts of very sweet people. They already have a dog, a Berner Senner, so Norris immediatly has a friend too.

We wish Norris a happy and healthy doglife.

And the pink ribbon, she’s staying with us.

Noor Lions from D’Es weighed 560gr when she was born. Mommy Norse Saga and Daddy ghost are very happy that they’re able to keep their little girl with them.

And we are excited ‘bout the opportunity to perpetuate the offspring of our beloved Harko (her grandfather).

We wish Noor a happy and healthy doglife.

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03 Apr

Stud dog Mi Amigo boy de Leo's vom Kvallk pays a visit to Lona Lions from D'Es.

Spring-fever in our Leo-herd! This week, Lona Lions from D'Es got a visit from stud dog Mi Amigo de Leo's vom Kvallk.

By the end of April, we will know for sure wetter this romantic encounter was successful /fertile. Fingers crossed!

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03 Apr

Saturday, March 28th 2015, International Dog-show in Luxemburg.

Big first appearance for Nice Lions from D’Es ! We used our new Leo-mobil to get there (it’s not entirely finished on the inside, but we managed..)

For Nice, it’s her First time appearing in a dog-show, but she’s able to keep calm very well. One glance at her mommy Jetaime and she knows what to do and how to do it. No stress.

Judge John Williams (The Netherlands) judges the 29 Leonbergers that are taking part in this competition and has this evaluation for our dogs :

Mi Amigo Boy de Leo’s vom Kvallk: Open Class Males: 2nd place – Excellent – RCACL.

Nice Lions from D’Es : Puppy class Females: 1st place – Promising – Best Puppy – Ring of honor.

Jetaime Lions from D’Es : Champion class :1st place – Excellent – CAC – CACLIB – Best Female – Best Opposite Sex.

Thank you, Judge Williams. We are very proud of all our dogs, but what Nice did on her first appearance, was outstanding. Mommy Jetaime and daughter Nice both won 1st place, which is amazing!

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30 Apr

“Lions from D’Es on tour” show Montenegro and Croatia


Laelia Lions from D’Es  and Mi Amigo boy de Leo’s are representing our Lions in Montenegro and Croatia.

They had to take a long trip to be able to participate in a series of 8 international dogshows.

And our dogs are able to impress:

Mi Amigo boy de Leo’s vom Kvallk:

8 x CAC


4 x BOB

4 x BOS

Laelia Lions from D’Es:

3rd place: Excellent

2nd place: Excellent

1st place: Excellent CACIB

Very Good

1st place: Excellent CAC - RCACIB

1st place: Excellent CAC - RCACIB

1st place: Excellent CAC - RCACIB and winner of the Championtitle 

1st place: Excellent CACIB and BOB. Laelia defends her Championtitle with succes and she wins from the International Champion and CRUFTS Winner, who was thaught by an international handler.


Our congratulations to Alex and his beautiful Buddies For Ever. They recieve excellent results for Lonangeles and Kristofer!

Thanks a lot to Alex for his compagnonship, his help and his pictures.

Big hug to Buddies Losangeles and Kristofer from their friends, Mi Amigo and Laelia. Buds for Ever!


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